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family warming near the fireplace

Dispelling 4 Electric Fireplace Myths

Nothing matches the comfort of relaxing or sitting by a fireplace on a winter evening. Most people spend time and money during the summer months to prepare for the cold

Senior woman yawning in the morning with husband sleeping

A Senior-Friendly Space: Transforming Your Home

Seniors often deal with mobility issues. Losing strength and balance is a common consequence of aging, and some health conditions further limit a senior’s mobility. They’re likely to get around

family home

Homes Then and Now

Humanity’s three primary necessities are food, clothing, and shelter. As much as we need food for sustenance and clothing for protection, shelters are indispensable in providing us with security. Accordingly,

water filtration

Guide to Conserving Water at Home

Water problems in Salt Lake City are uncommon. The plumbing and pipelines it has stand firm throughout the years, and the city has few problems with the constant supply of

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