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Homes Then and Now

Humanity’s three primary necessities are food, clothing, and shelter. As much as we need food for sustenance and clothing for protection, shelters are indispensable in providing us with security. Accordingly,

water filtration

Guide to Conserving Water at Home

Water problems in Salt Lake City are uncommon. The plumbing and pipelines it has stand firm throughout the years, and the city has few problems with the constant supply of

HVAC maintenance and repair

Types of Flow Control Devices for the HVAC Refrigerant

Air conditioning unit primarily comprises four elements; condenser, evaporator, compressor, and flow control device. The coolant is kept flowing through these components to keep your indoors comfortable. The maintenance of

man putting packing tape on box

3 Ways to Make Your New Home Pet-proof

Moving is always a stressful event—you have to pack all your stuff in several boxes, deal with furniture transport, and handle a lot of paperwork to make everything go as

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