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couple making a smoothie

2021 Healthy Food Trends You Need to Know

Health and wellness is a prominent topic in recent times. After all, the best defense against any type of disease is a healthy body. This need-driven health-conscious trend has increased

mobile home next to a plot of land

Mobile Home Living: Is It Right for You?

More Americans are entertaining the idea of mobile home living. A mobile home is a great first home because of its low price, mortgage loan, monthly costs, and maintenance needs.

hospitalized due to drugs

The Deadliest Drugs of All Time

Any medication that provides feelings of euphoria or causes a hormonal imbalance in the body is harmful. Many pharmaceuticals engage with your body and brain to produce serotonin, dopamine, and

microscopic view of microorganisms

Breaking Down the Concept of Hygiene Hypothesis

The demand for professional home cleaning is high, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Research and Markets estimates that this industry will likely achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of

cold shower

Health Benefits of Cold Shower and Hot Shower

People take a bath because it is considered a necessity — staying clean and hygienic, and feeling fresh. But some take it as a source of therapy which is recommended

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