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10 Spots Around the House That are Full of Bacteria

The current health crisis has put everyone on high alert and raised awareness on cleanliness and sanitation. However, are you sure that your own home is completely safe from microscopic

house garage

Stay Out: How to Keep Your Home Secure

How often do you reckon home burglaries happen in America? Every hour? Every 30 minutes? The reality is that homes are burgled every 14 to 15 seconds, with 2.2 million

home renovation

Major Home Renovations: How to Prepare

You already hired the roofing company. That’s where you’re wrong. You still need to make preparations so that the renovation project goes as smoothly as possible. Even small remodeling projects require

choosing colors for home

DIY Home Revamping Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

All homes eventually wear out and go out of style. But reviving their former beauty doesn’t always take expensive contractors. With practice, some tools, and craft materials, you can improve

home interior

How to Transform Your Interiors with 3 Clever Tricks

Sometimes, small things make a big impact. The same principle applies to interior design. Whether you’ve recently moved houses or you’re brainstorming ideas for that much-needed and much-deserved makeover, a

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