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Happy employees

Making Employees Happy Without a Raise

Yes, we can be happy without a raise, though a raise will make us happier. But great employees stay happy in a company even without additional benefits. Why? When employees

Technician fixing HVAC unit

What to Do When Renting HVAC Equipment

Whether you are staying in a temporary home without an HVAC system or your current unit at home broke down, there are some things that you need to remember when

client and salesperson shaking hands

Journey to Redemption: Rebuilding Customer Trust

Trust is the foundation of the seller-buyer relationship. Customers will likely make repeat purchases from a business that they know and trust. Unfortunately, this trust is conditional and might break

Online Shopping

Don’t Delete Your Online Shopping App

There used to be a time when online shopping does not exist. No one knew the convenience it brings. Everyone seemed to survive without it. People managed. The world went

woman checking her car engine

What Every Woman Should Know About Car Service

It’s the year 2019. Patriarchy is shifting, in an excruciatingly slow pace, towards equality. Admittedly, the struggle is still far from over. Many people continue to see women’s rights as

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