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3 Easy Ways to Be More Assertive

We probably all know a boss or colleague who can deal with any type of personality (no matter how off-putting and abrasive) and negotiate their way out of an office

How to Prepare for a Personal Coaching Business

Do you enjoy helping people achieve their potentials and succeed in their goals? If you love working with people and bask in their personal development, a career in personal coaching

work at home

Improve Your Work-from-Home Setup

Working from home isn’t exactly a new idea; some professions have allowed remote work for ages. But recent times have forced most office-goers to adapt to a more homely working

man smiling

Why It Is Time to Be Your Own Boss

Even before the coronavirus outbreak happened, people were already planning to leave corporate America for self-employment. One study said that 27 million Americans will be their own boss by 2020.

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