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Freelance worker

How to Gain an Edge over Other Freelance Workers

Freelance work is all the rage nowadays. With more companies prioritizing cost savings and efficiencies to weather the economic effects of COVID-19, a pool of freelance workers will provide a

couple talking to a financial planner

Investing Guide for People in Their 20s

It’s an uncertain world out there right now. The economy has been battered and bruised by the pandemic and the subsequent measures against it. This experience has taught people a


An Unconventional Path to Happiness in Life

In a time when digital freedom allows people to personalize their experiences and express their individuality, many of us can feel that the real world is far more restrictive. You

drive thru

A Brief History of the Drive-Thru

Fast food has been a staple in cities all over the world. It seems that wherever you go, you’ll see a large M hovering from a distance or an old

Youtube in laptop

How YouTube Became Part of Daily Life

Video streaming platforms are rapidly unseating cable television as the population’s go-to source of entertainment. Their affordability, convenience, and targeted algorithms make for a more pleasant experience than waiting for

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